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These are hot men with fun-sized cocks that I've put together from around the net. If any of these photos are yours and you want them removed, please contact me.

If you feel any of these dicks are too big, let me know. I avoid "morphed" photos.

18+ only.

all-4-all said: RE Your post "at what size does an average penis become a small penis ?" Actually the latest Studies, (which rely on actual measurements of men of different races, not polls) The Average Erect Human Penis Range is Between 3 3/4 inches & 6 1/4 inches Making the average a little less than 5 inches. The Majority of the world's men (68%) are 5 inches or less. So the 6 & 7in are a minority (27%) & the 8, 9 etc are in my opinion TOTAL FREAKS OF NATURE It's Crazy that normal guys think they'r too small

Thank you for further clarification and for not contacting me anonymously.

  • 6 January 2012
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